Welcome back to a new year of trampolining. It’s been a while since we sent out a newsletter and now seems like a good time.


Let’s start with the Sussex championships in July held at K2, we had 6 competitors who all did really well in a very high standard of competition. They enjoyed the experience and although they didn’t win any medals individually, they got close, and in the synchro, our U11pair came 3rd, well done to all who took part.


Later this month Alice our junior coach will be going on the Level 1 coach course, and we send our good wishes with her. A level 1 qualification obtained from BG not only allows the person to coach moves to a level in our club, but is transferrable to any BG club in the country, and is a skill for life. We encourage all our 15+ trampolinists to take the preliminary1 day course and start coaching under supervision building up to the level 1 at age 17+

Of course parents can also do these courses, if interested see Eley.


There are 4 Sussex competitions in the year plus the championships and they are open to anyone who can do a 10-bounce routine. We would like more of our club members to take part, as our club principles are about enjoying trampolining and joining in, you compete in your age group at your ability, and we have lots of good bouncers in the club who would benefit from the experience of competing, which would help build confidence and learn more.


But and there’s always a but we have to provide officials for these competitions the more who compete the more officials are needed and that has proved to be a problem in the past as very few parents have wanted to get involved. We really need parents to learn how to judge (that’s score a routine) it’s a one day course, or support on the floor with assisting in running the competition smoothly. A CRB is required to do any role in gymnastics and some roles do also require a safeguarding certificate which is an evening course, some parents may have this if they work with children already.

All coaching course costs are met by the club so you won’t be out of pocket and if you do want to help us become a better club, have a chat with Eley or Kim and find out more.



British Gymnastics have notified us that membership for trampolinists at the Bronze level is increasing to £19 this year. We are a BG registered club and we have to comply with the rule that all trampolinists are registered with them. This annual fee will be due on October 1stand is paid to BG directly. New joiners will have to become members via the BG website, returning members will I believe be notified by BG.

We are notified when you join and it is our responsibility to ensure you are members and should you not join you would not be able to participate.

We as a club also have to pay club membership to BG for liability insurance and senior coaches have personal Gold membership which includes their indemnity and liability insurance.

These insurances should give you comfort that our club is regulated and adheres to a set of standards.


We are grateful to Millais school who allow us to keep our equipment stored at the school, this does mean at times we have to move desks when exams are on, and comply with other school regulations. We have a fantastic relationship with the maintenance team and reception, please do respect their property and any requests they may make.

Of course, the school do charge us for renting the sports hall and storage of our equipment and each year they increase the charges in line with inflation, this year from September that will be 2.5%.

Having reviewed our finances, I feel we can delay passing this on until after xmas but from January our hourly charge will increase by 15p to £5.65 an hour.


If you would like more information on anything I have written about or on any other trampoline matters, please ask Eley or Kim or you can ask me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. look on our web site