Hi everyone,


As we near the end of another year, we have a few changes that we want to tell you about.


First of all, we will shortly have our club web site up and running so keep an eye out for www.orbitalstars.uk. The web site will have information about the club, contacts and other useful information for you, and anyone who wants to join the club.


As a club, we have been at Millais for over 10 years and as a result we decided it was time for a more professional modern look, as you can see we have changed our club logo and thanks to Hilary for designing it. With a new logo, we have also updated our clothing and merchandise, which can be seen on all of our coaches. These new hoodies are available to order via the club please see me or one of the coaches if you want to order one. We also have large stocks of hoodies and T-shirts which are all brand new with the previous design, which we will be selling for a donation to the club funds, and hope you will buy them.


Every year we like to showcase the opportunities that are available to all our older trampolinists and this year is no exception. This year Kate has gained her Level one coach qualification and Amy and Owen will be attending the proficiency coaching course later this month. If anyone over the age of 14 is interested in beginning their coaching awards, please come and talk to me or Kim.


There has also been changes to the competition system this year. Previously we competed at grades I to H and G at county level, this has now changed to a new system called CDP. Although they are very similar in terms of skill, there are some differences in the routines and judging. We will of course be automatically moving across to this new system and if you want any more information about what is expected just let us know.


We will be increasing our fees by 25p an hour in the new year, that is a £1 a month for a 1 hour class, we are a not for profit club, and have had to pay increases this year not only in servicing the equipment (nearly £2000) but also since September for hiring the sports hall. I hope you understand.


Finally, our term will finish on Saturday the 15thDecember, and we will come back the same day as the school on Monday the 7thJanuary





November 2018